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A Prayer of the Gratitude: A song of Praise

Good morning Facebook once again
I come to thank you and
Praise the Lord with hat in hand
And try to be a better man.

Thank you Lord the sun is up
I’m alive today, and it’s not luck
You do give me a brand-new voice
One with which I can rejoice.

I’m alive today because your grace
Has set for me a steady pace.
To march onward – it’s not a race.
But someday I will see your face.

It’s a good life that I have
And I’m working in Your behalf
I try to grease the wheels of life
With faith and goodness that excites
Those around me and invites
Them to develop more insight.

It’s a wonderful world right here in which
We do live – no need to switch.
You picked me up out of a dirty ditch.
And to your spirit I did hitch.

You’ve enriched me oh so much
Some would say, you’re just my crutch.
But I know better, because you’ve touched
Me in a way, and I won’t budge!

You’re my master, but I am no slave.
I know I need to just behave.
Then my soul I know you’ll save
Even though I’m in my grave.

So thank you once again I say
For guiding me in life today.
I’ve found heaven, in a way.
And with your guidance it will stay.

~Paul Anderson

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