Urantia Book

The Dawn of a new Era

100:7.4&5 The Son of Man was always a well-poised personality. Even his enemies maintained a wholesome respect for him; they even feared his presence. Jesus was unafraid. He was surcharged with divine enthusiasm, but he never became fanatical. He was emotionally active but never flighty. He was imaginative but always practical. He frankly faced the realities of life, but he was never dull or prosaic. He was courageous but never reckless; prudent but never cowardly. He was sympathetic but not sentimental; unique but not eccentric. He was pious but not sanctimonious. And he was so well-poised because he was so perfectly unified.
Jesus’ originality was unstifled. He was not bound by tradition or handicapped by enslavement to narrow conventionality. He spoke with undoubted confidence and taught with absolute authority. But his superb originality did not cause him to overlook the gems of truth in the teachings of his predecessors and contemporaries. And the most original of his teachings was the emphasis of love and mercy in the place of fear and sacrifice.

Another cool, crisp springlike day.
It is a gift of early May.
Much to do before days end.
There’s much love to spread ‘fore then.

I’ll try to spread the truth that’s given.
The truth inside you comes from Heaven.
The gift inside’s like no one else.
It’s your best! You’ve been in-dwelt!

Let your best always shine forth.
Let good decisions guide your course.
Be wisdom’s magnet for experience.
Show God’s Will in its magnificence!

It’s easier as you gain in wisdom.
What you gain’s enlightened vision.
Patience gives a broader outlook.
We’re all ingredients in God’s cookbook!

Wait a decade, perhaps two
Even three or more years, too.
Eventually, this world will rock!
Love is spreading as we talk!

Right now we’re on the crest of change.
Does too much tech make your life strange?
Passwords here, and passwords there
We’re so involved while in our chairs!

Thank You, Father, the day will come.
When love will rule, and we’ll become
More like the example of Your Son.
His plan upon this planet’s begun!

~Paul Anderson

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