Urantia Book

Divine Perspective

The morning breeze is promising
Your Will will be astonishing!
Every day’s a new beginning.
A day when all the birds are singing!
To try to see with Your perspective
Is a goal that is reflective.
I know that we can’t really see
The way that is Divinity!
Doesn’t mean that we can’t try
Aspire to the ways on high!
A closer vision helps to make
An understanding that awakes!
We awaken to what’s new.
A brand new life we do pursue!
Try to do what You want us to.
I love to follow what You do.
Our perspective is so short.
We can’t see much, I do report!
But every day we still do strive
To see some more. We are alive!
Every day there’s something we
Can do to help this world to be
A better place most definitely!
Your love will rule eternally!
So thank You for this tiny glimpse.
Your love will always cause imprints
Upon the time path that we take
And of this world it will remake!

~Paul Anderson

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