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Mother/Father today’s 13 Superstitions are just dreams! Things today proceed on course There’s no jinxes in Your force! Worries ‘bout this Friday’s date Are not worthwhile! I don’t relate! Superstitions just annoy.With my faith they are destroyed! And so I know this day will be Truly great historically! Every day that I find you History’s made without taboos! Life is not a game of chance! With faith in You, I take my stance! To fear I always will say no! Faith in You’s the way to go! Faith in knowing that Your love Is always there and shines above, And lights the way to inner joy Peace and harmony You employ! Your loving kindness destroys worry! Impatience causes us to hurry! That can cause some troubles in The loving universe we are in! Patience with the way things are Starts when e’re you drive your car! You’ll get there, no need to rush Calm your Spirit! Please don’t fuss! So thank you Lord, I need to learn. With faith and patience I can earn The joys the last within my heart! Count on me I’ll do my part!
Paul Anderson

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