Urantia Book

Evolving realities: Navigating change

100:3.5 Values can never be static; reality signifies change, growth. Change without
growth, expansion of meaning and exaltation of value, is valueless – is potential evil.
The greater the quality of cosmic adaptation, the more of meaning any experience
possesses. Values are not conceptual illusions; they are real, but always they depend
on the fact of relationships. Values are always both actual and potential – not what
was, but what is and is to be.

Things are dry in the Midwest.
There are dry plateaus when we look west.
Humid heat, but with no rain.
The plants are stressed, they’re under strain.
If there is no rain, some plants will die.
They will turn brown, as their leaves dry.
Drying up with roots in place.
Some take years to show no trace.
Climate here’s becoming drier,
But with storms the winds are higher.
There is a storm belt to the south.
Perhaps it’s going to change its route.
For now a drought is what we face.
I wish we had some storms to chase.
We can wish, and we can pray,
But doubt not weather will have its way.
We will cope with the weather change.
Life goes on through this challenge.
We’ve been challenged many times.
The Ice Age was by Your design.
We will learn to modify
How we live, because we try.
Many ideas will come and go.
We’ll live our lives as weather goes.
Thank You, Father, for today.
May we all learn and find Your way!
Yes, it’s going to take some time
But adventure calls, the way’s Divine

~Paul Anderson

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