Urantia Book

Evolving Unity: A Call To Global Consciousness

Civilizations are unstable because they are not cosmic; they are not innate in the
individuals of the races. They must be nurtured by the combined contributions of the
constitutive factors of man – science, morality, and religion. Civilizations come and
go, but science, morality, and religion always survive the crash.

Rainy days

Continued cloudy rainy day
The heat’s a’comin’—on its way!
Civilization has advanced
Our comfort levels are enhanced!
Office workers sit within
A space that’s chosen just for them!
Whatever’s needed is provided
Every day some are inspired!
No matter what the outside weather
In our buildings we’re together.
With our loved ones we share time.
Relationships must be Divine!
As the climate warms, we see
A concomitant energy
That exceeds what used to be
Weather swings = severity!
Our ingenuity will be
Tested in reality!
This world must truly come together
On some level! We must be clever!
This world continues in its orbit.
What ‘ere we do it will absorb it!
But if we can work all together
We will find new Spirit pleasure!
Thank You Father, once again
I’m grateful for the world I’m in!
Our decisions will reveal
Deep inside just how we feel!

~Paul Anderson

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