Urantia Book

Guided by Love: A journey of surrender and Discovery

Mother/Father I love you!
I want to do what You want me to!
I look inside and try to hear
Your soft voice. I know You’re near!
There is never just one way!
There’s many paths for every day!
It’s up to me to choose what’s best.
And with Your guidance pass this test!
I submit my will to You!
Now what is best for me to do?
It’s a never ending quest.
I must determine what is best!
Care of self and care for others–
Balance made for sisters/brothers!
There must always always be
Love expressed. It must be free!
Freely given to the day.
Your love’s like that in every way!
Parents don’t take holidays.
Always there to show the way!
I have found, that on You path
There are things that defy math!
Love performs what does defy
Realities of days gone by!
That does give a proof to me.
You are pure reality!
So I’ll listen and be quiet
Get on your plane and then I’ll fly it!

~Paul Anderson

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