Urantia Book

New Title Poem

In the vast expanse where dreams are woven,
Beyond the reach of mortal gaze,
Lies a realm of wonder, uncharted and golden,
A cosmic tapestry that forever amaze.

Behold the universe, a poet’s delight,
With galaxies twirling, stars ablaze,
Planets dancing in eternal flight,
A symphony of celestial haze.

Oh, the wonders that lie beyond our grasp,
In the depths of space, a mystic domain,
Where secrets whisper, a celestial clasp,
And the ethereal heavens forever remain.

Silent realms of infinite grace,
Where silence is vast, devoid of sound,
Yet the melodies of creation interlace,
In the cosmic orchestra, they resound.

Neptune, adorned in sapphire hue,
Jupiter, crowned with tempestuous might,
Saturn, bedecked with rings so true,
Mars, painted in rusty red, a captivating sight.

But let us journey further, to distant realms afar,
Where swirling nebulae birth newborn stars,
A stellar nursery, where wonders take form,
Nebulous nurseries, where destinies swarm.

Oh, the majesty of the Great Orion,
His radiant belt adorning the night,
A celestial hunter in a cosmic alliance,
Guiding wanderers with his guiding light.

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