Urantia Book

Paths of Enlightment: From reason to Love

103:9.10 When reason once recognizes right and wrong, it exhibits  

wisdom; when wisdom chooses between right and wrong, truth and error, it  

demonstrates spirit leading. And thus are the functions of mind, soul, and spirit ever  

closely united and functionally interassociated. Reason deals with factual  

knowledge; wisdom, with philosophy and revelation; faith, with living spiritual  

experience. Through truth man attains beauty and by spiritual love ascends to  


When Wrong 

This string of days gives one perspective. 

Find yourself, don’t be reactive. 

Patiently await, find calm.  

Use your mind, accept when wrong. 

That may be your hardest lesson. 

You must adjust, change wrong’s direction. 

Look for where a shift in focus 

Might give to you a better locus. 

Doing in the name of love 

Just might help for you to solve 

The problem that is facing you. 

No matter what, love helps find truth.  

The truth will always help you grow. 

Your inner Spirit helps to show 

Reality is there to see. 

Become like It and really be! 

As you grow, you do become 

More real as that’s how Heaven’s run. 

Deal with life, live in the now! 

Believe, have faith, you are endowed! 

God is reaching out to you. 

He’s put Himself inside you too.  

When you look, He shows Himself. 

Love’s sincere when it’s heartfelt. 

Thank You, Father, for Your love. 

It’s the key to help us solve 

All the problems we now face. 

Love will save the Human Race. 

~Paul Anderson

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