Urantia Book

Pathway to an evolved Future

Spiritual growth is mutually stimulated by intimate association with other
religionists. Love supplies the soil for religious growth – an objective lure in the
place of subjective gratification – yet it yields the supreme subjective satisfaction.
And religion ennobles the commonplace drudgery of daily living.

Robot Work
One step forward, two steps back
But every day we do attack
The chores of living life today.
Everybody makes their way.
Progress comes in hurks and jerks.
We learn, and then forget what works.
Family secrets of old tech
Were lost as families, lost respect.
Damascus Steel, we cannot make.
That skill was lost, as guns were made.
Warfare does direct our tech.
And war is where our money’s spent.
Robot wars are in our future?
Can robot brains provide adventure?
Robots here, and robots there.
How much control? Are we aware?
It’s nice to have help with our work.
What we do best, we should not shirk!
But to design a brand-new tool
With brand new skills is pretty cool!
Robots now clean hospital floors.
During business hours they do their chores.
We can see them hard at work
Mopping floors, a job we shirk.
Thank You, Father, I wish our tech
Were more evolved from Love’s banquet.
But with my faith, I see evolved,
A future where all things are solved!

~Paul Anderson

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