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Explore the universe with our Urantia Chronicles Ball Cap collection, where each cap is a tribute to the epic tale of creation and existence as told by the Urantia Book. The Blue Ball Cap is the centerpiece of this celestial series, designed for those who carry the spirit of the cosmos in their hearts.


  • Inspired by the cosmic lore of the Urantia Chronicles
  • Deep blue color reflecting the serenity and vastness of the night sky
  • Premium materials for durability and all-day comfort
  • Adjustable strap for a custom fit, ideal for any cosmic journey
  • Subtle yet impactful Urantia Chronicles emblem for a touch of elegance
Additional Product Information:

Material: High-grade fabric that stands the test of time.

Color: A tranquil blue, reminiscent of the infinite universe.

Size: Universal sizing with an adjustable strap, tailored to all explorers of celestial wisdom.

Design: Sophisticated and understated, with the iconic Urantia Chronicles logo.


The Urantia Chronicles Ball Cap collection is more than just headwear; it’s a connection to a grander narrative. If the blue ball cap does not resonate with your quest for cosmic understanding, we offer a full refund, as we are committed to your profound satisfaction and enlightenment.

Whether you’re an ardent student of the Urantia Book or simply someone who appreciates the elegance of the universe, our Blue Ball Cap is a versatile and meaningful addition to any ensemble. It’s not merely a cap; it’s an emblem of the enigmatic and the eternal. Wear it as a badge of your cosmic curiosity and as a testament to the stories written in the stars. Order your Urantia Chronicles Ball Cap today and align with the wisdom of the ages every time you step outside.

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