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Spring of Gratitude: Climbing the ladder of Spirit

Thank you Father, the warmth is here 

The sunshine brings us all good cheer! 

Seems easier to do Your will 

When the weather doesn’t chill! 

So many thank you’s for the day. 

Spring is here, it shows today! 

I declare a holiday! 

To worship You helps show the way! 

So once again, I do resume. 

I see your will. Before me looms 

Lessons that I need to learn 

Without degrees – but yet I yearn! 

To learn them all within one day 

Can’t be done. It’s not your way! 

But if today I can learn one 

I do climb higher – another rung! 

So I can see someday I’ll be 

A soul who shares a victory! 

With your help, I’ll climb your ladder. 

Every rung does make me  


Today I’ll share myself with others. 

They are all my sisters/brothers! 

We will meet in study group 

Where we discuss, At times dispute! 

The unity of spirit shows 

Us the way – that’s where we go! 

And we achieve what’s called consensus 

All our spirit’s are conscientious! 

So lessons learned will help display 

What we’re supposed to do today.  

I give my praise and love to you 

And I will follow what you do! 

~Paul Anderson

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