Urantia Book

The Grateful Heart

Father once again I come
Late in time,but I’m Your son!
Eternity comes in drips and stages
Your will gives us bounteous wages!
So there should ne’er be wonderment
That my love for You is fervent.
Because, my Father, what You give
Truly’s brand-new – the way I live!
I couldn’t see this in the past.
I tried some things that didn’t last!
And then by walking through Your door
You help me change my inner core!
I want to help some others see
That you live inside! – Can be
A source for all our destinies.
We need to stand on bended knees!
That concept may be new
But with knees bent, I pray to you!
Standing up as we do pray
Eventually will win the day!
That’s the way Your will will spread!
I want to get inside some heads!
And share Your spirit inside of me
With all the passersby by me!
So yes I pray to always show
Your love through me – I’ll let it flow!
And as this happens, let it change
What er’r it touches – perhaps our brains.
So thank you many times for this
I want to bring about your wish!
And help Your will to true achievement
And spread its wonder and amazement!

~Paul Anderson

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