Urantia Book

The journey of Renewal

Today I plan to do my best 

Help some others! Nothing less! 

I will transport with my car 

And grease Your wheels so we go far! 

It’s a plan I undertake 

I’ve thought out all that’s at stake! 

And I will help Your cherished sons 

Perform their best now day’s begun! 

The more I think, the more I look 

Deep inside and read Your book! 

And live a life that I think You 

Have given me and want me to! 

It’s a life not ruled by drugs. 

I exist to get some hugs! 

And do some things for other folks.  

I no longer need to toke! 

I could’ve started years ago 

But then I wouldn’t truly know 

The whys and ifs that compromise.  

Experience is what makes one wise! 

Life has truly new direction 

And there is much more satisfaction! 

Yet I would be the first to say 

I’m not perfect every day! 

I know there’s room for much improvement 

But within there is some movement 

I am going forward and not backward 

Thank you Lord! Your will is sacred! 

~Paul Anderson

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