Urantia Book

The Journey of the Soul

Good morning Facebook friends today
Look to our Father to show the way.
Thank Him for what comes our way
He is good and great today.
Thank Him for our set of troubles.
He will guide us through these hassles.
We’re lucky to have all these mistakes
Don’t repeat them for heaven sake’s.
He is helping us to learn
How to achieve that which we yearn.
To be like him we must gain ground
And make decisions that are sound.
If we look into our past
It helps our future to forecast.
Instead of making that bum turn,
Take advantage of what you’ve learned.
But if perchance you’re stubborn nature
Paints a rather rotten picture,
Realize you’re on adventure
And you’re not yet a perfect creature.
If you’re like me there’s a ways to go
And I have quite a bit to grow.
A little bit of growth today
Gets me closer to God’s way.
If I try this all alone
There’s too much world in which to roam.
I need Gods help to set my tone.
It matters not how much I’ve grown.
The tone of God helps me achieve
All that which I can conceive.
Even though it takes a while
You must go that extra mile.
Spread His truth and goodness out
Show His beauty and don’t pout.
Do His will, He’ll make you stout.
Stay upon his golden route.
This is what life’s all about.

~Paul Anderson

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