Urantia Book

The Joy of living in the moment

Today I’ll give You many cheers.
You have helped mature my years!
You’ve given wisdom ‘tween my ears!
Now my future holds no fears!
Today the heat will bake us all
But summer heat won’t make me stall!
I will try to do my best
And pass whatever is my test!
Today I’ll love no matter what!
And that will truly fill me up.
Loves the only thing worthwhile!
Eternity improves our style!
As this day to me unfolds
One things for sure, it won’t be cold!
And Your values I will hold
In my heart until I fold!
Faith in what You’ve plan today.
I’m going to find your ways and play
Whatever part You have for me!
Today’s one day of destiny!
I’ll make the best of what I have
And stay upon Your way and path.
And we’ll find Your ways to laugh
And learn the ways that come to pass!
The here and now is where we live.
The flow of time we must be with!
And if this path should take a turn,
There’s opportunities to learn!

~Paul Anderson

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