Urantia Book

The Path of Ascension

The day is cloudy without rain.
One should ne’er go against the grain!
The love of God is for us all.
Look inside and hear His call!
He will give you what you need.
He helps when other make you bleed!
Inside of you he’ll grow a seed.
It’s the way He does His deeds!
He’s the Master—Knows what’s best!
With Him you’ll have togetherness!
And on this journey-ups and downs
You’re never bored when God’s around!
So always keep Him in your life
Especially during times of strife!
In the long run you’ll get ripe
He’ll always show you which way’s right
Look inside! He’ll give to you.
And you’ll look back and know you grew.
And in your life things will improve
Faith will put you in Gods groove!
Faith in love comes as we age
And “all the world is but a stage”
Where the deeds of loving actions
Can be seen in loves attractions!
Love fills up the holes and bumps
That we encounter when we jump
From stage to stage in life’s adventure.
We’re all meant to be ascenders!

~Paul Anderson

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