Urantia Book

The Presence of Divine

Mother/Father I give my thanks.
You’ve renewed my energy banks!
I feel better than in days
Even though the day is gray.
Rain renews the potted plants.
The trees and grasses do a dance!
The leaves come out in varied greens.
Flowers add color to this scene!
Spring is such a pretty time.
It’s beauty motivates my rhyme!
Even when the day is gray
The spring time beauty has its way!
I look out upon the land
And the view I have is grand.
You help me be a better man.
You mend my spirit with Your hand!
You Help me see reality
And that in fact helps me to be
In touch with what I cannot see.
I feel it though inside of me!
What I feel I think’s Your spirit
I can feel it more than hear it!
It vibrates when I do what’s right.
It helps me with my inner plight!
So many thanks for being there.
I want to be much more aware
And I will change inside and make
My life with You for my own sake!

~Paul Anderson

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