Urantia Book

The promise of Peace

Father brand-new vibes are in the air.
And Your love is everywhere.
Spreading out upon this earth.
In our lives we put You first!
So as we go about our business,
We do give up all of our mischief.
Opening up to You our souls.
To be like You – that is our goal!
So there cannot be other ways
Deceitfulness can never play
Inside of us or business too.
With truth and goodness we love You!
There is never room for doubt.
Faith and beauty do win out!
Acceptance of Your holy plan
Will spread to each and every man!
And as this world event comes true,
All our love we give to You!
Perfection hasn’t come as yet,
But it will come! We don’t forget!
The promise of a better world,
When your flag is all unfurled!
Thar’s the faith that changes things!
The love of God makes our soul sing!
So thank you Father!, I’m enthused!
I want to feel that I am used!
And that I fulfill Your purpose.
Every day I need to focus
All my thoughts and energies
On Your plan eternally!

~Paul Anderson

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