Urantia Book

The Triumph of Faith

Summer’s truly coming on
Which means that winter’s truly gone.
Better weather, lighter clothes
Different ways for us to go!
Today we’re going to find a way
To go outside and play Your way.
Today the good things that we do
Will be multiplied through You!
Love is like that when displayed.
At times rewards can be delayed.
Timing has a certain rhythm.
And by You’re will we are forgiven!
It’s the way You made this world.
You will prevail 1000 fold!
Love is what You demonstrate.
And any hate, with love, abates!
Love will win this world for You!
Loves the arrow, Your aim is true.
And as we live our lives with love
Success will suit us like a glove!
Faith in this is how I live.
It is how one truly gives
The only gift we have for You—
To be like You in all we do!
Gratitude fills up my heart.
Faith in You fulfills my part
And as I live the rest of days
Inside myself I’ll find Your ways!

~Paul Anderson

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